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Rassouli woman

Eternal Feminine


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The artworks on this site have been deliberately selected from Rassouli’s collection to offer viewers a portal into the intimate, vulnerable, and feminine power his women reveal. A respectful awe and personal communion with the Feminine Principle permeating the natural world fuels Rassouli’s art, emphasizing the unconditional compassion that is essential to healing humanity’s relationships with one another and Mother Earth. Perhaps the artist himself best says it:
“What I portray in my paintings of women is what I sense to be feminine power. Far more than simply an outer beauty to enjoy, I seek to expose the sensitivity and radiance that glows from within the feminine essence. Women have the capacity to be agents of peace and reconciliation, and are willing to explore innovative creative solutions to our human conflicts and global earthly challenges."
It is as though Rassouli holds a cosmic mirror before us that reflects the inner beauty of womankind, all the while exposing surrender as the key ingredient to their strength. The images in his paintings honor the intrinsic feminine principle that yearns to uniquely express through and as every woman. His conviction that women are inspired by an innate wisdom and instinctive desire for human unity is boldly yet elegantly portrayed in every painting. In his own words:
“My hope is that the images I create will help empower women to see themselves in a new light, and that the visions I share will invite and encourage their involvement and participation in the development of humanity’s collective growth in all aspects of life.”
As you view this gallery, may you luxuriate yourself in the unique beauty reflected in each expression of the Feminine, and may your heart open to a fuller expression of loving kindness and compassion towards all beings.
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These are the fine art galleries of modern expressionism  artworks of acrylic and oil paintinmgs by contemporary  surrealist and romantic artist Rasouli, exhibiting  symbolism abstract  and spiritual  mystical  artwork gallery.

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